Volunteering is its own Reward!

Enjoy the rewards of becoming a DDB Nashville Volunteer We have an awesome Volunteer team, a.k.a. #TeamDDBNashville, and we would love for you to join us! There are SO MANY ways you can help! If you have a skill, there is a good chance it can be put to work towards our mission. Not only do we need people to work out in the field building relationships with the dogs' caregivers, we also need:

  • Fence Build Leaders - Construction knowledge to lead Fence Builds
  • Foster Homes - Help chained dogs transition from living on a chain to learning to live inside a home
  • Transport Drivers - Transport dogs to/from the vet and also transport supplies
  • Fundraisers - People who can help set up and run Fundraisers
  • Photographers - People who can take high quality and effective photos of dogs in need of our help. We utilize these photographs to help raise funds for the dogs, as well as promoting our mission and raising awareness for the chained/penned dogs of Nashville and Middle Tennessee.
  • Grant writers - People who have a skill for writing and/or experienced in successfully writing grant requests and proposals
  • Educators - People who can give presentations at local schools and events on the dangers of chaining/tethering your dogs
  • Booth Volunteers - Run the DDB Nashville booth at local festivals, trade shows and events

    Whether we are building or repairing fences, transporting dogs to and from their vet appointments, or delivering supplies like tarps, crates or flea/tick medications, we are always working together with friends. Our team is like a family and the work goes much more quickly given the power of numbers.

    You will enjoy the satisfaction of helping a family, keeping dogs happy and healthy, and bringing to life a positive change in your community. In fact, we find that we gain just as much from the experience as the families and dogs we are helping. That's the reason our volunteers keep coming back. Our work is overwhelmingly rewarding!

    Contact our Volunteer Coordinator and let us know how you would like to get involved and join #TeamDDBNashville!

    Here is a sample of what it's like to volunteer with DDB Nashville for a day!

    Giving Chained Dogs a Warm Christmas

    It has been bitter cold in Nashville and the Dogs living Chained outside are desperate for some relief from the misery of Winter. Dogs Deserve Better Nashville is currently raising Funds to purchase supplies to keep the Chained Dogs of Nashville Warm this December. We have a Volunteer Team of 24+ people going out Saturday December 6th to help the dogs in North Nashville. Now we just need the funds to purchase our supplies like Straw, Dog Jackets, Dog Houses, new collars, heated water bowls, etc. This video shows you how much the dogs appreciate not only our supplies, but the love and attention from our Volunteers. We are helping the dogs and also starting relationships with their owners so we can work toward giving these dogs Freedom from their Chains! (Make sure you click the little HD below the video to watch it in High Definition) Please DONATE TO OUR FUNDRAISER HERE: https://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/keeping-the-chained-dogs-of-nashville-warm-in-december/266585 The Chained dogs, along with our Volunteers, THANK YOU for your Generosity and Compassion! Together we make miracles happen. You can be the Miracle that a Chained Dog is dreaming about at this very moment! Please SHARE this video and DONATE HERE:https://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/keeping-the-chained-dogs-of-nashville-warm-in-december/266585

    Posted by Dogs Deserve Better - Nashville TN on Sunday, November 23, 2014