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DDB Nashville Success Stories: TAZ

Taz: This sweet boy spent the first 6 months of his life on a chain in rural Tennessee. His owners were very poor and did not have a lot of knowledge about the proper way to care for a dog. They did not expand his collar as the puppy grew into a big dog. His collar got badly embedded in his neck and created a deep infected wound. The owner finally realized what was going on and took Taz off his chain and put him in a 10x10 pen that a relative gave him. Taz had ZERO shelter. Not even a dog house to keep him dry in the rain. Nothing to protect him from the blazing hot summer sun. The only thing he had to "play" with was a chewed up, empty anti-freeze container. :( His water bowl was an old chewed up, dirty cooler. His cheap dollar store dog food was tossed onto the ground for him to eat. The pen was never cleaned out and Taz was forced to live in his own feces. It was a lonely, miserable existence.

A Dogs Deserve Better Nashville volunteer happened to drive by the home one afternoon and stopped to talk with Taz's owner. At first they were not willing to surrender the dog to DDB. However, the volunteer continued to stop and talk with the owners. FINALLY they realized that Taz deserved a better life. Taz was sent to a foster home where he was fully obedience trained and learned how to live inside a home with a family.

He was adopted by a wonderful family up North and he is enjoying an amazing life as a cherished member of a very lucky family! In fact they just had a new baby who loves Taz too!

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