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DDB Nashville Success Stories: PAPPY

A man reached out to me asking for help for his neighbor's dog. The dog was a 5 year old male pitbull who had been chained up to a dirty, wooden dog house his entire life. The chain dragged back and forth along the ground for so long, that it created a 10 foot wide dirt circle. He lived in dirt and his own feces. Every once in a while he would get loose from his chain and run to the neighbors' house to play. They would give him treats and even a bath every so often! The neighbors told me that when they first moved in, there were actually 2 male pit bulls chained up. Both in very neglectful situations. Unfortunately, one of the dogs died, right there at the end of his chain. At that point, the neighbors realized just how bad the situation was and started looking for someone to help them. They were able to get the owner to surrender Pappy to DDB Nashville.

Pappy was adopted by an AMAZING woman named Rebecca. Pappy was treated for Heartworms and neutered. He now lives in a GORGEOUS log cabin and has 10 fenced in acres to run free and play in when he is outside. He has an in ground pool to swim in as well. About 2 years after Pappy was adopted, a stray dog found their property and he and Pappy became good buddies. Rebecca let the new friend move in as well so now Pappy even has a dog brother! They are enjoying a wonderful life as cherished members of a family!

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