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DDB Nashville Success Stories: OTIS

DDB Nashville volunteers first spotted Otis while working with another chained dog down his alley. He was only 8 months old when we first met him. Even though he was still a puppy, he had already given up hope. He was very stoic, calm and you could tell he had given in to his lonely, isolated existence. We talked with his owner who was not interested in working with us, nor surrendering Otis to us. Our volunteers would periodically come check on Otis, and every time his owner was not interested in working with us.

Finally, 2 years later, on one of our regular check-in's with Otis, we found him in HORRIBLE condition! He was extremely thin (all of his ribs were showing), and he had lost most of his hair from a bad skin infection. His owner was STILL not willing to let us take the dog to the vet, so we got Animal Control involved. Once Animal Control saw the condition of the dog, they sited the owner and took Otis from him due to neglect. Then they signed him over to DDB Nashville.

Another awesome local rescue group, Operation Education, took Otis into their program and placed him in an AMAZING forever home with Craig and Melissa. He now has a dog sister named Dottie and they are inseparable. He lives like a King and is cherished beyond belief! He spends his days snuggling with Dottie on a big comfy bed!

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