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DDB Nashville Success Stories: MAX

A woman alerted us about her neighbors chained dog that was in horrible condition. When we showed up, we were shocked. It was the worse neglect case I had ever seen. This dog was a walking skeleton. He was so scared when we approached him yet he so badly wanted help. When we first got there, we knocked on the door and no one answered. While we were in the backyard assessing the situation, a car came screeching into the driveway and 2 drug dealers jumped out and started shooting a gun at our volunteers. It was extremely scary and we are SO LUCKY that no one was hurt!

The police were called and after a very long, drawn out, jumping through hoops situation, the dog was picked up by animal control and given to DDB Nashville. Max spent 6 months in a foster home where he was rehabilitated, treated for Heartworms and obedience trained. He learned to live inside with a family and other dogs. He was so sweet, gentle and loving with his foster family. They lived near a lake where he was able to swim and they had 10 acres fenced in where he could run and play!

Ultimately, Max was adopted by Ashley Owen Hill, founder of Lucky Dog Rescue located in Meridian, MS.

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