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DDB Nashville Success Stories: LILLY

Lilly was found in rural Tennessee by a local animal rescuer that had been alerted about an abandoned dog. When she showed up, the house was totally abandoned. Junk everywhere. Kids toys, vehicle parts, boxes, even an old bird cage. Lilly was on a huge, heavy chain that was held to the ground with a buried car axle. They had LEFT HER THERE to die alone and scared. She was terrified. She had given up hope and was sitting with her head hung low.

However, once she was rescued from that chain, she was a completely different dog. FULL of life and love! She spent a few weeks with our trainer where she learned to live inside a home with a family.

Lilly was adopted by a very sweet couple who adores her. She has a doggie sister that she loves. She is finally a cherished member of a loving family!

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