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DDB Nashville Success Stories: HOPE

DDB Nashville was contacted by a woman who said her neighbors had moved and left their dog chained up in the backyard. It was the middle the muggy hot Tennessee summer and it was 101 degrees outside. When our DDB Volunteer went to check out the situation, it was the middle of the day and blazing hot. She found Hope in the backyard of the home, with a FIVE POUND chain wrapped around her neck. The grass had grown so tall that it was taller than the dog. The dog had NO WATER, NO SHADE and no food. She had ZERO relief. I am shocked she had not died from dehydration. The chain had gotten so hot that it had burned the back of her neck. Her family had moved out of their home and left her chained back there to die alone and scared.

Even with all of that isolation and neglect, Hope was SO SWEET and so excited to be rescued. She was taken to the vet and spayed, treated for Heartworms, given her shots and placed into a foster home. She spent 6 months in a foster home before she found her forever home with her awesome new dad named Grant. We could not have found a better fit for Hope. They have been a family for over 4 years now and they are inseparable. Grant's parents had never met a pit bull before Hope, and they had always been VERY fearful of them. However, Hope has completely changed their opinion of these sweet dogs. They ADORE their "grand dog" and they have her over for weekend visits on a regular basis.

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