Who is DDB Nashville

#TeamDDBNashville Dogs Deserve Better Nashville is the local branch of the National, award winning non-profit Dogs Deserve Better.

Our 100% Volunteer Team, aka #TeamDDBNashville, works diligently in under-serviced neighborhoods to provide nonjudgmental assistance to families with dogs who are continuously chained/penned. One in six Americans lives in poverty in the US. Six out of ten households have pets. This means way too many pets are living in poverty as well. Most of these families are giving their dog everything they have to offer, which is not always enough.

#TeamDDBNashville is building relationships with people in these communities. We are educating families on proper care of their pets, as well as providing much needed supplies and medical care to keep the dogs healthy and happy. Our team offers free spay/neuter, vaccinations, wellness care, flea prevention, collars, basic obedience training and in many cases, a fence so the dog has a safe area in which to run free and enjoy life. For the families that decide they cannot offer their dog a better life, they surrender their dogs to DDB Nashville. We rehabilitate the dog and find them a new, loving, forever home.

It is an overwhelmingly rewarding experience to watch the process from start to finish. First you meet a dog who lives his life chained in the same filthy spot for years on end. Heartbroken, they survive in a dirt circle because the chain has worn away all the grass, and forced to live surrounded by his own feces. His small body is too thin because he is not being fed regularly. His skin is being eaten up by fleas and flies. He is kept isolated and desperate for even the slightest amount of attention. Then you knock on the door and start the conversation that begins to build a relationship with the family. You help them realize how awesome it is to really enjoy all of the love their dog has to give them. You show them that their dog is not "just a dog" but a wonderful, loving part of their family. You teach them the proper way to care for their dog. They begin to trust you, and start following your lead. Then you show up the day of a fence build and you give 4 hours of hard labor to build a fence for their dog. Then it happens. That overwhelmingly emotional moment when the dog is finally let off his chain - it is truly magical. You see the sheer JOY of that dog as they are FREE! Running and playing, jumping and spinning, sniffing every inch of their new yard. It is THAT feeling that keeps us coming back day after day! Freedom is a magical thing!

DDB Nashville also works with local law makers to improve and strengthen our tethering laws. Helping dogs at the community level is important, however in order to help EVERY chained dog in the area, we must start with improving the local ordinances/laws. In partnership with Davidson County Metro Councilwoman Karen Bennett, we recently passed a new tethering ordinance in Nashville. It bans the use of chains as an acceptable form of tethering. The ordinance also mandates that all tethered dogs must be brought inside when the heat index is over 95 degrees or the temperature drops below 32 degrees. It is a start and we are constantly working to make improvements to tethering ordinances all over Middle Tennessee.

Together, our team of volunteers is bringing freedom, health and happiness to the chained/penned dogs of Nashville. Learn how you can join DDB Nashville and become a member of our team and begin helping the chained/penned dogs of our Nashville and surrounding communities!